Strategies for dealing with the labour shortage

An overview
Authors: Jakub Samochowiec, Johannes C. Bauer, Kathrin Neumüller
Commissioned by: Migros-Group
Languages: German, French, English

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    Without immigration, the Swiss labour market will shrink. But even with high immigration numbers, the previous growth of the labour market will not be sustained. Employers must adapt to this situation. In order to answer how they can do this, this study provides a compilation and systematisation of different measures to deal with the labour shortage. 

    It may not be possible to avoid breaking taboos: What kind of growth is needed? Is the wage, which steers people into certain industries and jobs, really the best means of control, or does the market fail in allocating resources? Is there a need for more government regulation? And what would the four-day week bring?

    Measures against the labour shortage

    The study provides a toolbox that not only shows different options, but also offers a grid into which different approaches can be placed. In addition, there are other measures that are not listed in this study. The grid provides actors with a system that helps them to generate new ideas for measures that are relevant to their specific situations. This is because this grid aims to be used as generally as possible and is not directed at a specific sector.