The ability to tap into the opportunities of the future is closely linked to an organisation’s development. Impact leadership sees us assist you with the development of your leaders and company culture, focusing on communities of future shapers in upper management levels in the retail, food and health industries who want to drive progress for people, society and the planet within their companies.  

A future-proof transformation

Impact leaders have recognised that we’re in the midst of a social transformation that will impact every area of our lives – and drive polarisation, which in turn engenders separation. Impact leaders have realised that traditional change management tools are no longer fit for purpose in their business: the breathtaking speeds at which crises come about and opportunities flash by require fresh approaches and new leadership qualities if we want to foster consistent decisions and conscious leadership.

When leaders come together to collaborate on relevant future-looking topics, this co-creation gives rise to new approaches and solutions for future-proof innovation and transformation. This allows them to play a role in effectively shaping social transformations: deploying their strengths to generate a relevant impact themselves, to build bridges that bring people together, and to mobilise movements towards a sustainable future.

Our impact leadership approach

Our goal is to assist you, as an impact leader, in

  • defining your personal management profile and impact strengths (what I stand for today, what I’m seen for, what I want to stand for and be seen for tomorrow)
  • creating maps to give yourself guidance and be able to offer it to others
  • consciously encouraging transformation within your organisations (changing and letting go of existing patterns)
  • innovating (creating and being open to new patterns).


Tanja Ineichen

Head of Leadership & Transformation


 +41 44 724 62 09


Leadership programmes

The GDI offers impact leadership programmes tailored specifically to industries.

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Vision & Values

A Vision & Values Workshop at GDI activates the collective intelligence of your organization.

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Transformational coaching for individuals and teams - to determine where they stand.

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