Systematic processes are essential if innovations are to be designed successfully and in a targeted manner. We support you either during the entire process or just at specific points and subsequently assist you in implementing it at your company. 

Prozess Strategic Innovation


Through our futurology, trend mapping and trend reviews, we build up your company’s understanding of future developments in your industry.


We identify relevant topics and action fields, enabling you to focus on the issues that are important for your company. 


We identify future needs and create scenarios that take consumers, segments and typologies into account. You can then use these to make hypotheses about future developments for your company.


With the aid of co-creation workshops, concept labs and persona building, we help you to draw up specific concepts that take the trends into account and address future needs based on earlier phases. This empowers you to innovate successfully. 

The innovation process is never completely finished. Rather, it should be viewed as a cycle. To ensure that you are always one step ahead in the long term, we subsequently support you with long-term trend monitoring, a trend radar and continuous trend evaluation, incorporating the criteria we have developed.


Susan Shaw

Head of Strategic Services

 +41 44 724 62 10 


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