"Going Shopping" is Dead: How to Restore Meaning and Fun in Retail

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AI Buddy: Redefining Social Relationships

20th European Trend Day

13 March 2024

While we already know a fair amount about what AI will do in the future and where it will soon surpass us, we know little about what AI will do to us as humans as we increasingly interact with it, be this at work, in our personal lives, during our education, when shopping, on our travels or during play.

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4th International Food Innovation Conference

19 June 2024

The International Food Innovation Conference is a yearly gathering on the future of nutrition. It covers technological and societal changes in the ecosystem of food. It aims to put current trends into a high-level context and to develop long-term perspectives for all stakeholders involved.

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In Good Company

The big Swiss study on friendship


The study "In Good Company" provides representative findings on friendships throughout Switzerland for the first time. It examines the diversity, significance, characteristics and peculiarities of this form of relationship. Can we also speak of a "friendship recession" in this country?

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European Food Trends Report

Feeding the Future


The European Food Trends Report "Feeding the Future: Opportunities for a Sustainable Food System" explains the role of consumers in the transformation towards a more sustainable food system and the opportunities for agriculture, industry, retail and gastronomy based on the knowledge, values and barriers of consumers.


Strategies for dealing with labour shortages

An overview


In order to deal with labour shortages, breaking taboos may not be avoidable: what kind of growth is needed? Is the wage, which steers people into certain industries and jobs, really the best means of control, or is the market failing to allocate resources? Is there a need for more regulation? And what would the four-day week bring?

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