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3rd International Food Innovation Conference

The Great Food Gridlock: It's the Consumer, Stupid!

21 June 2023

How do we get out of the dilemma between price, health and sustainability? The International Food Innovation Conference is dedicated to the question of how the food system can be sustainably reformed along its entire value chain, from production to final consumption. In its third edition, the focus is on consumers.

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73nd International Retail Summit

Rethink Retail: Be Bold, Stay Focused, Earn Trust

7 – 8 September 2023

Money is now becoming scarce. The pandemic destroyed supply chains and consumer sentiment, the war in Ukraine is causing energy shortages and high inflation. Consumers are becoming more price sensitive. And while some companies are downsizing their workforce, others are desperately looking for employees.
What should retailers do when costs rise and margins shrink? Streamline offerings, robotise services, stop sustainability initiatives? Optimise the present now – or invest in the future? What to do? And even more importantly, what not to do?

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European Foodservice Summit 2023

19 - 21 September 2023

The Summit is the number one European platform for the restaurant industry. Issues that are discussed are trendsetting and on tomorrow’s agenda. Together with Boston University and FoodService Europe & Middle East, the GDI has created a think tank to analyze the most important changes in the industry as well as an annual forum that takes place in September each year. Participants are industry leaders who shape the European restaurant landscape for the future.

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Hype or help?

The real benefits of blockchain


Blockchain is much more than bitcoins and offers benefits for many industries. Since the introduction of blockchain in 2009, the technology has been continuously developed. Nevertheless, discussions about blockchain applications are still heavily influenced by cryptocurrencies and, since 2021, also by so-called non-fungible tokens (NFT). The result: The confusion around blockchain and its potential is equally great. This study provides clarity and drills down to blockchain's benefits in the real economy. Opportunities and challenges are illustrated using three concrete examples.


Creative through AI

How artificial intelligence can support the development of new ideas


Studies suggest that we have fewer and fewer new and ground-breaking ideas, even though research investments are higher than ever. One great hope to reaccelerate the pace of innovation lies in artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, today’s leading opinion is that AI is not able to develop fundamentally new ideas on its own; but that there are ways in which AI can support humans in doing so: AI can augment human creativity.

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Hallo Nachbar*in

Die grosse Schweizer Nachbarschaftsstudie


Die neue Nachbarschaftsstudie der Schweiz, die das Gottlieb Duttweiler Institut GDI im Auftrag des Migros-Kulturprozent verfasst hat, zeigt: in der Schweiz leben die Menschen gerne mit- und nebeneinander. Denn überall gibt es Nachbarschaftsheld*innen, welche die Gemeinschaft mit kleinen und grossen Gesten zusammenhalten.

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The GDI focuses its activities on the topics of retail, food and health and examines them from the perspectives of consumption, society, technology and the environment. 


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Head Think Tank, Member of the Executive Board

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Dr. Gianluca Scheidegger
Dr. Gianluca Scheidegger

Senior Researcher
Retail, Consumption

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