The GDI offers custom impact leadership programmes that are specifically tailored to the needs of organisations and industries relating to retail, food and health. Networked thinking and actions are expanded for the entire group so they can work towards common goals and steer a course towards success.

The programmes include various methods of leadership development:

  • Targeted, moderated process support 
  • Encouragement of self-reflection to align individual leadership so it creates even more relevant impact on people management
  • A hybrid setting: with online elements to safeguard efficiency and on-site elements within the GDI’s inspiring premises to ensure effectiveness 
  • Integration of the latest findings from our think tank
  • Inclusion of effective GDI innovation tools


The GDI impact leadership approach focuses on the 4Cs model:

  1. Clarity – by making consistent decisions to reduce complexity and encourage a focus on the target at hand.
  2. Contact – by building sustainable relationships to cultivate interdisciplinarity and connection.
  3. Context – by curating effective scope to facilitate innovation and transformation in the here and now.​
  4. Capacity – by creating directional movement to encourage progress and commitment.


Tanja Ineichen

Head of Leadership & Transformation

 +41 44 724 62 09


Leadership programmes

We accompany impact leaders in defining their personal leadership profiles.

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A Vision & Values Workshop at GDI activates the collective intelligence of your organization.

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