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The unique GDI Innovation Community around Retail, Food and Health

Your advantages as a subscriber to the GDI Innovation Hub:

Access to daily new innovation insights, several AI and monitoring tools as well as trend radars on retail and food curated by the GDI

Possibility to create your own searches in the various workspaces

Exclusive GDI content from our experts and network partners (studies, papers, interviews, podcasts, commentaries)

Participants of GDI conferences benefit from a 50% discount on access to the GDI Innovation Hub in the first year

Trends and innovations

Discover the latest trends, innovations, technologies and start-ups. With Innovation Insights, you have access to thousands of innovation examples from all over the world.

CoCreator AI and curated trend radars

The GDI Innovation Hub integrates smart tools that simplify your work and help you and your company to recognise challenges and develop solutions. With an AI CoCreator, you can enter research prompts yourself and receive a detailed report including sources. The trend radars on retail and food curated by the GDI are designed to help companies from different sectors identify relevant trends in order to sustainably develop their own strategy and competitiveness.

Become part of an 

innovative community

You will be part of an innovation community that knows the latest products, technologies, startups and trends in the industry. Use this information to stay up-to-date and develop new ideas and products.

Exclusive GDI content

The GDI Innovation Hub gives you access to GDI future studies, interviews, GDI trend updates, conference content and more.

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