Will this become the new agriculture?

Growing vegetables at home in the digitally controlled Vertical Farm? Ready-made meals from recycled vegetables? Or super-nutritious "green caviar" made from duckweed? Three food tech start-ups from Israel are working on this and will be presenting their groundbreaking projects at the 3rd International Food Innovation Conference.
19 January, 2023 by
Will this become the new agriculture?
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

Conventional agriculture is increasingly criticised. Too much farming land, too much water consumption and too harmful pesticides. Three Israeli start-ups from the food tech scene want to take a completely different path: Sustainable, smart and suitable for urban centres.

  • AgwaFarm for example, has developed a household appliance for growing vegetables. The vertical farm's AI-driven cloud remotely monitors and controls all aspects of growing vegetables, herbs and fruits.
  • The start-up Anina uses recycled vegetables to produce healthy plant-based ready meals. The meals can be prepared in a few minutes in the cooker or microwave. Each bowl contains two cups of vegetables - almost half the recommended daily intake.
  • GreenOnyx produces fresh leafy vegetables that belong to the duckweed family, the smallest and fastest-growing vegetables in the world. The "green caviar" combines the nutritional benefits of dark leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach. The company has developed a vertical farm to ensure the supply and delivery of their "green caviar" in urban regions.

Meet the three start-ups and their founders at the 3rd International Food Innovation Conference on 21 June 2023. How do we eliminate the conflict between price, health and sustainability? What does it take for novel food to be accepted? Do consumers need to be seduced and educated? And who will be the game changer, the "Tesla of the food industry"? We will seek answers to these questions at the conference.

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