Scott Galloway's outlook on retail

Renowned marketing expert, entrepreneur and best-selling author Scott Galloway is a prominent thought leader in shaping the future of retail. At the GDI Retail Summit, Galloway will offer his analysis and an exclusive outlook on the new retail landscape.
8 August, 2023 by
Scott Galloway's outlook on retail
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

Scott Galloway's outlook on retail is based on his unique ability to combine technology trends, changes in consumer behaviour and business strategies into a complete picture. The professor of marketing at NYU's Stern School of Business, who has been named one of the world's best business professors by Poets & Quants, says retail is at a crucial turning point. E-commerce, data-driven insights and changing consumer preferences are driving retail. Adapting to these changes is critical for retailers, according to Galloway.

Scott Galloway emphasises the strategic importance of data-driven decision-making and technology integration to improve the customer experience. He envisions a future of retail where artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics work together to decipher consumers' complex preferences to enable targeted marketing initiatives and personalised product offerings. He emphasises the importance of building convincing brand narratives and establishing emotional connections with consumers.

Learn more from Scott Galloway and his outlook on retail at the 73. Internationalen Handelstagung, die vom 7. – 8. September 2023 am GDI stattfinden wird. Zum Thema «Rethink Retail: Be Bold, Stay Focused, Earn Trust» erklären führende HandelsexpertInnen und ForscherInnen, warum die Fähigkeit zu fokussieren zur wichtigsten Handelskompetenz wird. Jetzt anmelden!

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