Now comes the Repair Revolution

A change in mindset must take place. Away from fast fashion and a throwaway society, towards a circular economy with longer product lifetimes. That's what Ingvill Kerob and Martine Postma believe. The two pioneers of the "Repair Revolution" explain at the 73rd International Retail Summit at the GDI how we can achieve a sustainable economy.
19 July, 2023 by
Now comes the Repair Revolution
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

"The Future Is Repairable And We Are The Tool" is how the Norwegian startup "Repairable" describes itself. "Repairable is a new digital service that facilitates the repair of clothes and shoes. We work together with qualified tailors and shoemakers. This way everyone can contribute to sustainable fashion and local jobs," says Ingvill Kerob, founder of Repairable. In 2018, H&M invested in the Norwegian startup. Being able to offer their services at H&M is a milestone, Kerob says. "You can drop off all kinds of clothes and shoes in the shop - not just H&M products." Other partners include COS and Helly Hansen.

Do it yourself – fix it not dump it

Martine Postma is a Dutch environmentalist and former journalist who has been promoting sustainability at the local level since 2007. Postma organised the very first Repair Café in Amsterdam in 2009. Repair Cafés are voluntary meetings where participants repair their broken things alone or together with others. Tools and materials are available for all kinds of repairs. For example, for clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles or toys. There are also knowledgeable volunteers present who have repair skills in various areas. There are now 2790 Repair Cafés worldwide with about 41,000 volunteers and over 50,000 repaired items per month. The foundation "Stichting Repair Café", founded by Postma, offers professional support to local groups at home and abroad to open their own Repair Café.

Find out more about the two business leaders and the circular economy at the 73rd International Retail Summit, die vom 7. – 8. September 2023 am GDI stattfinden wird. Zum Thema «Rethink Retail: Be Bold, Stay Focused, Earn Trust» erklären führende HandelsexpertInnen und ForscherInnen, warum die Fähigkeit zu fokussieren zur wichtigsten Handelskompetenz wird. Jetzt anmelden!

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