"Once upon a time, we loved the service of the milkman"

No more lugging shopping bags, instead leaving the car parked, just opening the door: Online grocery shopping has definitely arrived. The Dutch company "Picnic" is taking a special approach. In a video, co-founder Joris Beckers explains what his online supermarket does differently and what he has learned from the milkman.
24 June, 2022 by
"Once upon a time, we loved the service of the milkman"
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

There are supermarkets, there are delivery services, and there is Picnic. Co-founded as a Dutch start-up by Joris Beckers, the company is now active in several European countries. The retail giant Edeka has been holding a stake in Picnic's German subsidiary. But what makes Picnic different?

"We had to think back on our longterm friend: the milkman," says Beckers. In a way, he says, Picnic didn't invent anything, they just recreated the milkman service in a new way. "That was a scheduled service that came to the customers three or four times a week at fixed times. Out of that came what we call the "modern milkman"," says Beckers. A similar kind of service that builds a direct bridge from producers to consumers and offers all the items you can buy in a normal supermarket.

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