How is artificial intelligence changing our lives and relationships?

Artificial intelligence has the potential to fundamentally change the business world and the way on which we live. AI is already being used in many industries to automate processes, analyse data and develop new products and services. But this is just the beginning. AI will also change our relationships with other people. Find out more at the 20th European Trend Day at the GDI.
13 December, 2023 by
How is artificial intelligence changing our lives and relationships?
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

Artificial intelligence is rapidly developing into an all-purpose tool with endless potential applications. This will also change the way that we humans live. As AI becomes an increasingly important part of our lives, our relationship with it may develop in a similar way to our relationship with electricity today: important and unnoticed – until it fails.

AI systems can understand human language and take on roles that were once reserved for us humans – as assistants or trainers, as copilots, doctors or bosses, as friends or even pets. This has the potential to make us less dependent on experts and give us more power. But on the other hand, it could also make us feel that we are being manipulated by AI systems we don't fully understand. 

What impact will artificial intelligence have on the business world? Which industries will be most affected? What other solutions can AI contribute to? This is shown in our video, which was created through collaboration between humans and AI:


Find out more about the effects and consequences of artificial intelligence at the 20th European Trend Day, which will be held at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute on 13 March 2024 under the heading "AI buddy: redefining social relationships" . International AI pioneers will show how humans and artificial intelligence can work together to shape the future, they will present the latest findings from research and showcase the most exciting AI startups. Early-bird prices are still available until 15 December.

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