How a delivery service conquered Lebanon and Iraq

What challenges does a quick commerce start-up face in Lebanon and Iraq? In this video interview, Tamim Khalfa, CEO of Toters, explains the differences to other markets and reveals which other countries he has an eye on.
16 September, 2022 by
How a delivery service conquered Lebanon and Iraq
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

"Reliable suppliers are key to a good customer experience," says Tamim Khalfa, CEO of Toters(( The technology company focuses on on-demand delivery and is active in two difficult markets – Lebanon and Iraq. "Our customers want everything that people in the US or Europe want. So we deliver restaurant food, groceries, electronics, toys, medicines, etc."

Find out in this video interview why Toters operates its own payment platform, what is next on the expansion plan and which companies have served as role models:

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