Green cities thanks to technology?

A group of experts from the WEF has examined how cities can be made more inclusive and climate-friendly in the future. According to Jan Bieser, GDI senior researcher and co-author of the WEF report, urbanisation and digitisation go hand in hand. Through digital technologies to green and just cities? Read now!
2 September, 2022 by
Green cities thanks to technology?
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

Urbanisation and digitisation are two of the most important phenomena of our time: Half of the world's population now lives in cities, and half of the world's population is connected to the Internet. But cities are exposed to increasing inequality and global conflicts. The World Economic Forum has released a series of four reports on how cities can take a systems approach to finance and deliver urban transformation projects in the wake of COVID-19, widening inequality and global conflicts. Each report – on city financing models, technology adoption, urban inclusion, and climate preparedness – showcases case studies and toolkits on achieving more climate-ready and equitable cities.

One of these experts is GDI Senior Researcher Jan Bieser who contributed to the report Using Digital Technology for a Green and Just Recovery in Cities. "Digital technologies provide unique capabilities that allow us to create more liveable, just, green and resilient cities,” he says. “The COVID-19 pandemic created an unprecedented momentum for city administrations and businesses to initiate those digital projects that address the most pressing issues."

According to Bieser, the entirety of technologies used to store, process, and transmit information has merged into a single technology – digital ICT. “Cities can utilise ICT to rethink existing patterns of production, and use specific ICT-based strategies to increase liveability, reduce environmental impacts and solve their most pressing issues."

You can download the four reports here here free of charge.

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