Buying without checkout: How an Israeli start-up is transforming the customer experience

No long lines at the supermarket counter or stressful situations at the self-check-out. This is made possible by the Israeli start-up Trigo in cooperation with retailers such as the supermarket chain ALDI Nord. AI-supported sensors and cameras record the selected products while shopping and make the walk to the checkout unnecessary.
29 March, 2023 by
Buying without checkout: How an Israeli start-up is transforming the customer experience
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

Frictionless shopping is becoming more and more important. Grocery companies want to meet consumer expectations for customer convenience while keeping costs low and optimising inventory and supply chains.

Trigo offers solutions to this challenge. The Israeli company, which specialises in Computer Vision, develops AI-supported infrastructures for retailers that enable frictionless shopping and automated processes. The German grocery giant Aldi Nord is cooperating with Trigo to operate its stores without check-outs in the future. Last November, a pilot project was already launched in Utrecht, the Netherlands. "Customers register via an app and scan a QR code assigned to them at the entrance. Hundreds of in-ceiling cameras, among others, are then used to record what they take from the shelves and put directly into their backpacks, for example. When they leave the shop, the payment is automatically debited," reports Business Insider.

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