Inspired by Nature – Enabled by Science: The key points from the GDI Trend Day

All fascinating voices, the most important "takeaways" and the bioeconomy in a nutshell – that's what you'll find in the conference report on the 19th European Trend Day. Download it now free of charge.
24 March, 2023 by
Inspired by Nature – Enabled by Science: The key points from the GDI Trend Day
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

We are facing a new age, the age of biologization. Science is creating the basis for this next technology, for economy, society and nature. If you want to know where the age of biologization is taking us, you need to understand what happens in science. And how research and development is carried out all the way from the initial idea, through experiments and prototypes, to the everyday product.

Even if it sounds like "science fiction", science has already succeeded in decoding considerable parts of nature and understanding non-human life and intelligence. After decades of intensive research, biotechnology is now emerging from its infancy and is at the beginning of a new stage of development: the pace of research and development is increasing, the prices of basic technologies are falling, and the time has come for innovative start-ups to begin tinkering with marketable products. Soon, animal-free meat and leather made from mushrooms will find their way from the lab to stores.

The GDI's​ 19th European Trend Day provided an initial insight and outlook into the dawning age of biologization. In addition to presentations of groundbreaking developments, experts from science and practice discussed how people need to change their behaviour, companies their business models and states their policies in favour of a more sustainable way of living and doing business.

IIn this conference report, you will find the most important "takeaways", summaries of all presentations and impressions of the 19th European Trend Day.

Download now free of charge:

Tagungsbericht (German, PDF)

Conference report (English, PDF)

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