"Anatomy of a Breakthrough" – or how to get unstuck

The latest book by "New York Times" best-selling author Adam Alter is about getting stuck. Situations in which one has the feeling of not being able to get out – as we have all experienced in one form or another. In "Anatomy of a Breakthrough", Alter finds a formula that can help you break free.
15 March, 2023 by
"Anatomy of a Breakthrough" – or how to get unstuck
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Almost anyone can feel stuck in some way. Whether you're going through a midlife crisis, struggling with writer's block or trapped in a thankless job, your feelings are usually a mix of anxiety, insecurity, fear, anger and numbness. But it doesn't have to be that way, says "New York Times" bestselling author Adam Alter in his latest book, «Anatomy of a Breakthrough».

Adam Alter, who is also a Professor for Marketing at the Stern School of Business, has spent the past two decades researching why people get stuck in situations and how they can free themselves again. In his book, he describes the formula that he and other researchers have identified. Their solution is based on a process he calls "friction audit". Alter believes that people and companies would get out of their impasse if they overcame three sources of friction: Heart (unhelpful emotions); Head (unhelpful thinking patterns); and Habit (unhelpful behaviours).

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