3rd International 

Food Innovation Conference

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Pierre Chandon

Food Marketing for Good: Aligning Pleasure, Health and Business​



Uma Naidoo

Fueling Your Brain: The Science of Eating for Mental Health



Cyrille Filott

Survive and Thrive: Navigating Geopolitics and the Economy



Christine Schäfer

Sustainable Food Literacy: [inadequate]


Anat Natan, Alon Wallach & Tsipi Shoham

New Solutions to Match Evolving Consumers Needs


Anat Natan: Upcycling Food Waste Into Culinary Art

Alon Wallach: Home Grown Vegetables From Your Own Kitchen Farm

 Tsipi Shoham: Growing Next-Gen Greens Beyond Boundaries


Kate Bermingham

From Big Data to Better Health: The Revolution in Personalized Nutrition​



Panel discussion: Verena Wiederkehr, Ralph Langholz, Judith Wemmer

Customer Bottleneck: The Suppliers' View


Stéphane Keulian

Plant-Based First: When the Food Hall Goes Green



Pixie Turner

Bite-Sized Influence: Eating in the Age of Instagram



Marije Vogelzang

The Irrationality of Eating: Food Is What You Make It