How a discounter holds its ground in the Swiss food market

Whether in the form of neighbourhood shopping or delivery to the doorstep, proximity to consumers is becoming increasingly important, as the pandemic has shown. Mario Irminger, CEO of the discounter Denner, outlined the conclusions he has drawn from this in a video interview and at the GDI Retail Summit.
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Wie sich ein Discounter im Schweizer Lebensmittelmarkt behauptet
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As a local supplier, Swiss discounter Denner was one of the few companies to benefit from the coronavirus pandemic. Shopping locally really took off, because of travel restrictions and more people working from home. Stores selling everyday goods did not have to close, and they included the 800 Denner outlets.

In this video, Denner CEO Mario Irminger talks about whether Denner will soon be offering home delivery, what differentiates discounters from supermarkets today, and whether stores in the future will operate without staff (please turn on English subtitles):

Moving Closer: Retail in Vulnerable Times

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