What does Generation Z want?

How could under 23s be recruited for the retail industry? And is it possible to work with millennials and Generation Z at all? In a video interview with the GDI, headhunter Lucy Harris speaks to changes and opportunity in the retail industry.
21 September, 2018 by
Was will die Generation Z?
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

Lucy Harris, partner at British headhunter Clarity Search, sees the retail area as dynamic and full of potential. Open-mindedness and diversity are the key to success in this market – but gender is only one facet. Harris maintains it’s about how older generations can collaborate with 1995+ peers to generate good results. “The behavior and the things that matter to a millennial workforce and a generation Z workforce haven’t been as important to previous generations. They do think differently and they behave differently”, says Harris in the interview:

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