Video: The Synthetic Kingdom

Synthetic biology? That sounds worrying at first. But biotechnology has opened up new worlds for us. Humans are now able to use genetic manipulation to make today's world more sustainable and healthier.
3 February, 2023 by
Video: The Synthetic Kingdom
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

Credits: Cath Elliot

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg is certain: the synthetic kingdom is part of our new nature. "How can we distinguish between natural and unnatural when synthetic biology creates life from scratch?" asks the artist, who explores our relationships between nature and technology.

By selecting a feature of an organism and inserting its DNA into a biological medium, artificial life can perform various tasks, Ginsberg explains: data processing, energy production, cleaning up pollution, killing pathogens or even doing housework. She says the synthetic world is now part of our new nature, and we need to add another branch to the tree of life. She explains why in a video.

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