Timeline: We Are at The Beginning of The Age of Biology

Vegan leather from mushrooms, plastic-eating bacteria or data storage in plant DNA: The future belongs to biology. The new bioeconomy is estimated to reach a volume of several trillion dollars in the next ten years. And that would only be the beginning. A new illustration from the GDI shows the potential of the bioeconomy.
6 January, 2023 by
Timeline: We Are at The Beginning of The Age of Biology
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

The future economic system will be increasingly based on biology. Scientific advances promise unprecedented opportunities to increase food production, cure diseases, generate energy, purify water and filter carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. By 2030, the bioeconomy could be worth between four and nearly 30 trillion dollars worldwide, according to a new  report by Schmidt Futures, the philanthropic initiative of ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

The report calls on the US to invest billions of dollars in the development of biologically produced materials, medicines, fuels and food. Instead of turning petroleum into products, manufacturers would use microbes, biomass and other biological, renewable resources as feedstocks. The goal, he said, is to use biotechnology and genetic engineering to produce new kinds of materials and food sources, and to create new, cheaper and more environmentally friendly resources.

But where are we today? Which inventions are already on the market, which are currently being tested, and what still awaits us? A new graphic from the GDI shows a wide range of possibilities that the bioeconomy holds:

 Deutsche Version (PDF)

 English version (PDF)

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