How Matthew Kenney is creating a plant-based future

Classically trained chef Matthew Kenney owns more than 40 restaurants around the world, from Bogotá to Kuwait – all specialising in plant-based cuisine. In his test kitchen, Kenney and his chefs are creating a plant-based future. Learn about his projects here and at the 1st International Food Innovation Conference.
28 April, 2021 by
Matthew Kenneys plant-based Mission
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It all started when Matthew Kenney reluctantly visited a raw food restaurant in his neighbourhood for the first time. He was impressed by the food, but also thought that it could have been done better. “Back then,” he says, “a lot of raw food restaurants were lacking structure and didn’t treat every vegetable in the best possible way.”

Today, Matthew Kenney is the owner of the international lifestyle company Matthew Kenney Cuisine, which also offers raw food culinary courses and culinary consulting.

Kenney, who is based in the US, is on a mission to change the food supply chain. The key players in this project are the chefs, who make the decisions about what products to buy and serve to the public. Kenney is convinced that “we are meant to have food that tastes good. We’re not meant to deprive ourselves and torture ourselves to be healthy. Ultimate health comes from enjoying food.”

Hear about the secrets behind his success in this video:

Food Innovation Conference

Farms, Labs and Beyond: Fixing a Broken Food System

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