Mary Portas on the Kindness Economy

"Markets are becoming more social and human. We should stop seeing our customers just as wallet holders," says Mary Portas, UK's leading retail expert, in an interview with the GDI.
12 October, 2023 by
Mary Portas on the Kindness Economy
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

The Kindness Economy is a shift from a capitalist economy to one that focuses on people, planet and profit, rather than on growth at any cost.

"I think we can have great growth if we do the right thing and don't harm the ecology of the planet. We can still make profits, we can still deliver great products, we can still deliver great retail, but it comes from the heart and not just the head," said Portas, who has advised former British Prime Minister David Cameron on retail issues.

"Our job is to prepare the world and ourselves for an economy of kindness," says Mary Portas. An example of this is Patagonia with its legendary "don't buy this product" advertisement.

In this new economy, we don't even have to give up the great stories that the consumer age has spoiled us with. You could also tell exciting stories about second-hand shoes, says Mary Portas – they've been through a lot, after all.

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