How to get unstuck

Not being able to find a way out of a situation, feeling stuck – a lot of people are familiar with this. Even companies find themselves in dead ends. "New York Times" bestselling author Adam Alter has created a guide that tries to solve this universal problem. We spoke with him at the 73rd International Retail Summit.
19 September, 2023 by
How to get unstuck
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A lot of people have certainly experienced being stuck in a situation without finding a clear way out. This feeling of impasse is by no means unique to individuals, as even companies can find themselves in such seemingly hopeless situations. The renowned bestselling author Adam Alter offers solutions in his book "Anatomy of a Breakthrough".

In an exclusive conversation at the 73rd International Retail Summit, we spoke with Alter about his book and his insights on overcoming blockages and dead ends. He shows how his research and extensive study of breakthroughs and innovations have helped develop effective strategies to overcome stuck situations.

A central element of his theory is recognising that understanding the mechanisms that lead to breakthroughs is crucial. This involves analysing real-world examples and examining how ideas can emerge and be developed. The ability to foster innovative thinking while taking practical steps to implement it is invaluable.

In addition, Alter emphasises the importance of communication and collaborative work in problem-solving. He encourages using different perspectives and areas of expertise to generate fresh ideas and pave the way out of being stuck.


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