Consumer Behaviour. Is the customer a king, dictator or slave?

Increasing health awareness, the demand for more transparency, rapidly-changing developments: These three megatrends in consumer behaviour were identified in the fourth and last part of the trend report «Fresh Produce Trade 2025».
31 August, 2017 by
Lebensmittelmarkt: Kunde als König, Diktator oder Sklave?
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

First the good news: The growing need for healthy food makes it very likely that demand will increase for fruits and vegetables. Viral marketing campaigns can also have a positive impact, since they provide the opportunity to reach a large audience.

However, Hyped-up products can pose a problem for the produce industry, since there are limitations to the extent that natural products can be subjected to sudden changes. How the industry deals with the challenge, is shown in part four of the trend report "Fresh Produce Trade 2025".

To prepare for the trend report, interviews were carried out with international experts across the entire value chain. This helped identify the far-reaching changes from an industry perspective. The report was conducted by the GDI on behalf of the industry show "Fruit Trade 2025".

Part four of the trend report is available for download.

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