Kelly Peters: “We are guilty of shallow thinking“

Would you jump off the boat in the middle of the ocean to save a hat? Behavioral scientist Kelly Peters did it – without thinking about sharks. In a ted talk, she explains how to get braver.
28 August, 2017 by
Kelly Peters: «Wir denken zu einfach»
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

"What would you jump for? Would you jump for happiness or for love?" That's what Kelly Peters, CEO and co-founder of Beworks, asks in this Ted-Talk:

We should become more aware of the cognitive forces that influence our behaviour every day, says Kelly Peters. And we should learn to better assess risks and how to deal with them, so that we would not miss opportunities.

Three factors influenced our thinking and behaviour:

We would have to consciously oppose the influence of these factors when making decisions. "We are guilty of shallow thinking. Even when we are shy, we are not constrained to our personality, we can move out of our comfort zone to take on different challenges," encourages the lecturer in applied behavioral science her audience. And she suggests: "Overcome your fear of making a mistake and take a bold stand and an active role in your life."

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