Ian Goldin: "Degrowth is a bad idea."

Ian Goldin, Professor of Globalisation and Development at Oxford University, was a keynote speaker at the 72nd GDI Retail Summit. In this video interview, Goldin talks to us about growth, globalisation and China's role in the whole world. Watch now!
16 September, 2022 by
Ian Goldin: "Degrowth is a bad idea."
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

"The Covid pandemic brought many changes in many areas. It made us all realise how interconnected the world is. And it also taught us that we can change our behaviour very quickly," says Ian Goldin, one of the most renowned globalisation experts. This could also help us in the fight against climate change, where behavioural changes are just as necessary for everyone.

As for the role of China, Goldin explains: "China needs the world to work with it, and the world needs China." The country has to be part of a global system, Goldin claims, and part of any solution to the big challenges we face because of this interdependence. "China is the reason why the global economy has grown so successfully, and we have so many cheap consumer goods." According to Goldin, slowing down or even fighting China's growth is, therefore, a bad idea. "You would also be slowing down your own growth".

Watch the video interview now:

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