Frans Schepers: "We have lost trust in nature"

At this year's GDI Trend Day, Frans Schepers, Executive Director of Rewilding Europe, described what it means to let nature take priority. Watch the video interview now.
20 March, 2023 by
Frans Schepers: "We have lost trust in nature"
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

"The idea of rewilding is ten to twelve years old. It is about a paradigm shift thinking to restore nature on a large scale," says Frans Schepers in a video interview with GDI. By removing dams and dikes, for example, wetland biotopes such as floodplains could be restored. The establishment of key species would also play a major role, says Schepers.

But most of the work would be done by nature itself. As a rule, human intervention is only necessary at the beginning to create the right conditions, he said. "We help nature to restore itself," he says.

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