Senior Researcher and Speaker

Dr Petra Tipaldi is a Senior Researcher at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. She holds a doctorate in economics and analyses social, economic and technological changes with a focus on food, consumption and retail.


 +41 44 724 62 51


Petra Tipaldi holds a PhD in economics with a focus on consumer behaviour at the interface of technologies and behavioural change. During her work at the Chair of Marketing at the University of Zurich and her research semester at the Ross School of Business in Michigan, she led numerous research projects and collaborations and published scientific articles in journals as well as at academic conferences. With her combination of academic knowledge and practical experience in project management at Airbus and KUKA Roboter, she is a versatile expert in her field.

In her private life, Petra enjoys spending time outdoors and is involved in promoting biodiversity in her community.


Swissbaker, 04.04.2024
Steiniger Weg zum grünen Warenkorb

Aargauer Wirtschaft, 17.01.2024
Wie Unternehmen helfen können, nachhaltige Ernährungsziele umzusetzen

Konsider, Dezember 2023
Kultiviertes Fleisch käme den Wenigsten auf den Teller

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