Susan Shaw

Head of Strategic Services, Member of the Executive Board

Susan Shaw heads the new Strategic Services division. The aim of this division is to make the GDI's research, studies and expertise available for practical application. This area looks at what the findings from the think tank mean for the individual sectors and companies. Above all, the end users, the people as consumers, customers or citizens are placed at the centre.

Curriculum Vitae

After studying humanities and social sciences in Zurich and Madrid, Susan Shaw worked in media research and was a member of the research commission for the national readership survey. She then took over the management of a Swiss market research company and was president of the Swiss industry association SWISS INSIGHTS for many years.

Throughout her professional career, she has been intensively involved in the interaction of people with brands, products and services. She has conducted countless studies on customer needs in a wide range of industries and has worked with companies to project and anticipate future consumer behaviour.