AI Buddy: Redefining Social Relationships | 20. Europäischer Trendtag

Das Gottlieb Duttweiler Institut (GDI) kurz erklärt

Mary Portas on the kindness economy | 73rd International Retail Summit

Ingvill Kerob on the repair revolution | 73rd International Retail Summit

Adam Alter on getting stuck and the creative cliff illusion | 73rd International Retail Summit

Dimas Gimeno Álvarez on WOW concept and the future of the department store | 73rd International Retail Summit

Impressionen zur 73. Internationalen Handelstagung

Behind the scenes - Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

Dr. Uma Naidoo on the impact of food on our mental health | 3rd International Food Innovation Conference

Pixie Turner on eating in the age of Instagram | 3rd International Food Innovation Conference

Pierre Chandon on Food Marketing and Epicurean Nudging

The Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute in a nutshell

«Wer jetzt im Handel überleben will, muss priorisieren»

Christina Agapakis: The Real World of Biotechnology

Tobias Rees: Why Nature Becomes The New Tech

Frans Schepers: "We have lost trust in nature"

The Protein Transformation

Artificial Intelligence: Curse or Blessing?

Karin Frick beschreibt das neue Zeitalter der Biophilie

Die Proteinwende

Metaverse – Fakten und Mythen: Eine Diskussionsrunde mit Richard Hobbs und Jeff Carvalho

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