How do we regulate the internet?

Every great technical revolution has been followed by regulatory actions. This was the case with the industrial production of food and with the rise of the automobile, and so it will be with the internet. At least that’s what Benedict Evans, a speaker at the 71st International Retail Summit, says in the following live feature from "Wired".
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Wie reguliert man das Internet?
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Over the past 15 years, the internet has evolved from something exciting and interesting to something that now shapes everyday life globally. According to British analyst Benedict Evans, tech has become a systemically important part of society

But how do you regulate the internet? "There is not one tech problem, there are twenty different ones - and they all require a different solution," Evans comments. For example, after the US elections and the Brexit referendum, the question arose of how to deal with political advertising on social networks in the future. Data security or hate speech, on the other hand, require completely different regulatory actions.

In addition to the open questions of how and what should be regulated, there are the different jurisdictions that should co-determine this globally – the US, the EU and China. Here, not only different political systems meet, but also different regulatory traditions.

Evans says: "Regulating tech is complex and full of tradeoffs. But, this is true of all regulation – law and policy are the art of the possible."


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