From search data to new products

Sebastian Johnston uses data analysis to find ideas for new products. Johnston tells us in a podcast, how he brings these products to market within eight weeks.
24 June, 2021 by
Produkt-Ideen aus der Google-Suche
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

What do people search for, where, how often and when? Sebastian Johnston's start-up Vivere uses the answers to these questions to develop products that are not yet available on the market. Amazon and Google searches provide Vivere with the necessary user insights. Using the data, Johnston's team creates briefings that describe how a product brand should be built. Vivere's product development is therefore purely data-driven.

Johnston needs eight to twelve weeks from idea to rollout of a product. In comparison, it can take large manufacturers up to three years until a new product is ready for the market. This is possible thanks to Johnston's second business principle: everything is done in-house. From research and development to logistics and marketing, all specialists are based at Vivere. This "shared service centre" is used for all new products to be developed. Vivere has already developed over 850 new products – from pet food to beauty creams.

In a podcast (in German), Johnston will explain, how he has recently been supporting influencers in developing their own products. This September, he will also be presenting at the 71st International Retail Summit.

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