Steven Kotler: In the flow for high performance

If you want to win, you have to outgrow yourself. We achieve this by being hyper-concentrated. Researcher Steven Kotler is about to hack the neurological processes behind this flow. In March he will be speaking at the GDI.
13 December, 2017 by
Steven Kotler: Im Flow-Zustand zur Höchstleistung
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

Once we are hyper-concentrated, we loose the notion of time, or hunger,  and even our sense of self disappears: we no longer perceive, we just perform. We're in the flow. Today we can examine this condition on a neurological basis. This is exactly what journalist and founder of the "Flow Genome Project" Steven Kotler does.

But what happens in our brain when our state of consciousness shifts? Why do we perform better in such a state? And how do we reach it?

Kotler names techniques that trigger a change of consciousness:

Although these approaches seem to differ widely, they lead to the same result - ecstasy. According to Kotler, this provides us with experiences that go beyond our normal self-awareness and activates a state of pure intuition and inspiration - the flow.

In the video, Kotler explains what we are capable of in this state.

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