Revolution in gastronomy: How robots are tackling the shortage of skilled workers

The ever-worsening shortage of skilled workers is being felt everywhere. But what solutions are there in the food service sector, for example? The GDI Innovation Hub provides lots of inspiration on this issue, such as the story of the success of Hamburg-based start-up Goodbytz. It wants to use robot kitchen assistants to make good, fresh food available quickly, helping to tackle the shortage of skilled workers.
17 May, 2024 by
Revolution in gastronomy: How robots are tackling the shortage of skilled workers
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

The technology behind robotic kitchen assistants is impressive due to its high speed and quality. First, a food team develops contemporary recipes based on up to 72 different basic ingredients. These are weighed out precisely in a storage module in accordance with high safety standards and then transported to the kitchen. Robotic arms then transform them into finished dishes. Up to eight meals can be prepared in parallel. That's as many as 150 per hour and 3,000 a day. This makes the robots ideal for commercial kitchens, such as school or work canteens, refectories, hotels, hospitals and care homes.

But the robots also perform well in the restaurant environment: Goodbytz has already spent a year testing the acceptance of automatically prepared dishes in a ‘ghost kitchen’. Although customers weren’t aware, their food was cooked by robots – and the feedback was consistently positive. As a result, the company will now open its own restaurant at some point this year.

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