Paul Myers: "Urban farming is in phase one"

Paul Myers cultivates organic vegetables on a large scale in a Liverpool warehouse. In a video interview at the GDI Retail Summit, he explained how he is growing a successful business using aquacultures.
17 September, 2020 by
Paul Myers: «Urban Farming ist in Phase eins»
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

Urban Retail 2030: Embracing the Next Normal After the Crisis


GDI-Study No. 47 / 2019

Languages: German, English

Kristian Villadsen: ”We need cities where it is easy to do good”

We need to create cities where the most comfortable and simple lifestyle is also the healthiest and most sustainable, says Kristian Villadsen, partner and director at the renowned Danish architectural firm Gehl Architects. At the GDI Retail Summit and here in this interview, Villadsen reveals how the city's retail sector can reinvent itself after Covid-19.

Matt Heiman: "Millennial want access to luxury"

Dior or Saint Laurent: Matt Heiman has them all. With his startup, the Brit lends out luxury bags in London. At the GDI Retail Summit and in an interview, he explains why subscriptions are the business model of the future, even in the luxury market.

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