Never miss a retail innovation again with the GDI Retail Radar

Based on extensive research, studies and projects, the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute has identified the relevant retail trends from a holistic system perspective. The GDI Retail Radar shows the mega and macro trends and their impact on society and consumer behaviour in Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe.
11 April, 2024 by
Never miss a retail innovation again with the GDI Retail Radar
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

We have been looking at the future of retailing and consumption since the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute was founded in 1963. We research how technological, economic and social developments affect retailing, we identify and evaluate new business models in retailing, and we analyse how consumer behaviour is shaped – and can be changed. We recognise trends in retailing, food and health, differentiate between hype and opportunity, and thus lay the foundation for your innovations.

Our trend assessments are based on the knowledge gained from previous GDI research: research for trend reports, information from workshop participations and findings from expert interviews. The GDI Retail Radar is intended to support organisations in different sectors in identifying the trends relevant to their own company, with the aim of sustainably developing their own strategy and competitiveness.

Overview of mega and macro trends in the GDI Retail Radar

The GDI Retail Radar is part of the GDI Innovation Hub – our innovation platform, containing curated trend radars, smart research tools, AI support, exclusive GDI conference content and more than 10,000 examples of innovation. Discover the latest trends, innovations, technologies and start-ups in your industry, and use this information to develop new ideas and products.


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