AI: "In 12 hours, you'll have a heart attack."

Ran D. Balicer, professor at Ben Gurion University, is sure that the days of the know-it-all doctor are numbered. In a TED talk and at the GDI conference «The Power of Predictions», the physician explains how his algorithm can make increasingly accurate and individual predictions about the course of diseases.
28 February, 2019 by
KI: «In 12 Stunden werden Sie einen Herzinfarkt haben»
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

"The third leading cause of death in Western countries is mistakes made by health professionals – not diabetes, not accidents." With this statement, Ran D. Balicer, Professor at Ben Gurion University and Director at the Clalit Research Institute, points to two fundamental problems in the health care system: orientation towards the average therapy and the inaccuracy of predictions made by people.

According to the director of Israel's largest health care organisation, artificial intelligence can align therapies much more precisely with a patient's individual disease progression and biological variabilities. For one third of the patients, the average treatment method is not effective. And not only that: machines recognise warning signals from the body earlier than humans do. Software can already predict which patient will soon suffer from a heart attack. "The times in which doctors could rely on their intuition are over.» Like Chess and Go Grandmasters before them, the greatest physicians of our time would soon submit to their electronic sidekicks.

In this Ted talk you will learn which abilities of doctors artificial intelligence cannot replace, yet:

On 4 June 2019 Ran D. Balicer will speak at the GDI conference "The Power of Predictions". Get your early bird discount now!

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