Erich Harsch: the biggest leadership mistakes

As CEO of German DIY store Hornbach-Baumärkte, Erich Harsch manages 23,000 employees. In a GDI video interview, he talks about good leadership, the biggest challenges of a multichannel retailer and global supply chains.
30 September, 2021 by
Erich Harsch: Das sind die grössten Führungsirrtümer
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute – Meet Amazon's challenger

It is no secret that Amazon has been able to increase its profits and its claim to power during the Corona pandemic. But resistance has formed on the long-lost book front:

Javier Goyeneche: Which children are we leaving to the earth?

Javier Goyeneche makes clothes out of plastic waste through his label Ecoalf. He says: "Instead of asking ourselves which earth we are leaving to our children, we should be concerned about which children we are leaving to the earth." Watch the whole video interview from the GDI Retail Summit here.

Closer, smaller, more exciting: tomorrow's retail spaces

The dynamic in online retailing has been apparent since before the Covid-19 crisis: there is no retail concept that cannot be digitalised. But what about physical retail space? What should remain, what should disappear, what needs more space?

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