Degrowth as a last resort

"We can't have infinite growth on a finite planet." With this statement, economic anthropologist Jason Hickel makes an urgent plea for system change in a video. At the GDI Trend Day on March 9 2022, he will describe alternatives to our current economic system.
16 November, 2021 by
Einzige Rettung: Degrowth
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

"We are already overshooting our planet's biocapacity by nearly 60 percent," warns economic anthropologist Jason Hickel. Climate change, deforestation and rapid rates of extinction are the consequences. The crisis is almost entirely the result of overconsumption by rich countries, Hickel says. "Our addiction to economic growth is killing us."

The only way to prevent ecological collapse, he says, is for rich countries to curb their consumption. "Overthrow the tyranny of GDP," the author ("Less is More") and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts therefore pleads. After all, GDP sets fundamentally wrong incentives. The goal should be to improve people's well-being and happiness while reducing our economic footprint.

Find out how Jason Hickel wants to achieve this and what alternative to GDP he proposes, here in a video and at the 18th European Trend Day:

Visual ETD 2022

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