These microchips get under the skin

Credit card, keys, train ticket - Jowan Österlund keeps them under his skin. Without a PhD or university degree, he and his company "Biohax International" have become pioneers in the microchip implant industry. He explains how in a TED talk.
11 December, 2018 by
Diese Chips gehen unter die Haut
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

Jowan Österlund is one of the most valuable players when it comes to microchip implants. No, Österlund is not an MIT researcher or ETH professor - he is a pioneer with an unusual vision. With his company "Biohax International", he has commercialised microchip implants and launched a trend. In his home country of Sweden, more than four thousand people have already replaced their wallets or keys with a subcutaneous chip. Large companies including Swedish Railways also endorse this technology: microchip train tickets have been accepted there since 2017.

Österlund tells his extraordinary success story in a TED talk. Why his business model is not only about convenience, but also about the security of our identities, he will show at the GDI’s 15th European Trend Day.

At the 15th European Trend Day of the GDI on 13 March 2019, top-class speakers will address the future of communication.

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