AI is the future of gastronomy

At Stockholm Pizzeria 1889, the future is already here. “Bi by Ai” is the concept behind the food; restaurant designer Benjamin Calleja explains how artificial intelligence will revolutionise gastronomy.
4 September, 2018 by
Die Zukunft der Gastronomie liegt in der KI
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

What appears to be a typical upscale restaurant is actually an experimental space by restaurant design agency Livit Design. Behind the elegant marble tables, velvet armchairs, and chic art lies the future of gastronomy. The 1889 – as the downtown Stockholm pizzeria is called – not only evaluates data from the POS system, but uses technologies like light sensors, geofencing and heat mapping.

Thanks to this data, it’s possible to glean the details of customer experience, says Benjamin Calleja, Livit Design’s CEO and founder. And that information can boost the store's sales. He calls this concept “Bi by Ai” – Business intelligence by Artificial intelligence.

Calleja is speaking at the European Foodservice Summit in Zurich, where he’ll show how Livit Design implemented “Bi by Ai” at 1889 and provide insights into daily life at the restaurant of the future:

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