Humans become interfaces

Unlock your phone using facial recognition? Impressive, but no longer mindblowing: newer interfaces will fundamentally change communication, says GDI researcher Stefan Breit in a video interview.
15 November, 2018 by
Der Mensch wird zum Interface
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

The borders of communication are open, and interfaces between man and machine will increasingly decode us. Soon, besides opening apartment doors, cameras will be able to detect illness by reading our eyes. Additionally “the recognition of our oral language is becoming ever more sophisticated, ever better. This means that we can really get used to talking to machines for the rest of our lives," explains GDI researcher Stefan Breit.

And that's just the beginning. According to Breit, interfaces are getting closer to our bodies. There are already people with interfaces implanted in their brains. As the boundaries between man and machine dissolve, it’s time to rethink communication.

This will take place on the 15th European Trend Day of the GDI. At "Beyond Words: New Interfaces for New Communication", thought leaders like Tim Wu, bestselling author and Columbia Law School professor, will discuss the future of communication. In the video interview, Stefan Breit gives insights into the value of interfaces:

The 15th European Trend Day will take place on 13 March 2019 at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute.

Beyond Words: How New Interfaces Reshape Communication

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