Artificial Intelligence: Curse or Blessing?

Artificial intelligence is rising, and many celebrate it as the solution to countless problems. But what do we need to watch out for to use it properly? Can it also prevent us from making progress? In a video, we explain what to look out for.
13 December, 2022 by
Artificial Intelligence: Curse or Blessing?
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

Artificial intelligence is already helping in the development of new pharmaceuticals and therapies or in the design of new products. However, the algorithms do not achieve faster and better results all by themselves. The human input from which AI learns is vital.

So what is AI's greatest asset? A video by GDI researcher Jan Bieser gives us the answer: it frees up time for creative phases. Conversely, AI can also disrupt human creativity. That is when digital applications are designed to consume as much time as possible. Think of social media.

That's why we have to ask ourselves these three questions in order to have the right balance in the work environment in the future:

  • What are the implications of AI for the balance between work, family, leisure and self-care?
  • Do employees have time for reflection and interaction away from the screen, or are they drowning in robotic activities?
  • Does AI add value and inspiration to society?

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