Senior Researcher and Speaker

Dr. Gianluca Scheidegger is a Senior Researcher and speaker at the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute. He analyses social, economic, and technological changes with a focus on retail and consumer behaviour.


 +41 44 724 62 43


Gianluca Scheidegger is a behavioural economist who specializes in consumer behaviour in retail settings. He earned his PhD from the Institute of Retail Management at the University of St.Gallen, and conducted research projects at HEC Paris and NYU Stern School of Business in New York. His academic work has been published in several journals and presented at renowned academic conferences. With his combination of both academic and practical experience in campaign management and strategic marketing at Swiss International Air Lines and AXA Switzerland, he is a versatile expert in consumer behaviour and marketing management.

Whether it’s camping under the stars, watching a play or strategising on a board game, Gianluca loves to explore new experiences in his spare time.

  • Ausgebummelt: Wege des Handels aus der Spass- und Sinnkrise. Autoren: Gianluca Scheidegger, Johannes C. Bauer, Jan Bieser, 2023.
  • Scheidegger, G., & Raghubir, P. (2022). Virtual currencies: different schemes and research opportunities. Marketing Letters, 33, 351-360 Publication
  • Scheidegger, G., & Linzmajer, M. (2022). “35 Pearls for a T-Shirt?”: How a Virtual Currency’s Dissimilarity to Money Decreases Purchase Intentions, The 2022 International Conference on Crypto-Marketing, Columbia Business School Publication
  • Scheidegger, G., Linzmajer, M., & Eggenschwiler M. (2022). Dumb Smiles: How Positive Emotions Negatively
    Influence Purchase Intentions in Live Shopping. 2022 AMA Winter Academic Conference Publication
  • Linzmajer, M., Scheidegger, G., Rudolph, T., & Vanhuele, M. (2021). Smartphone Effect on Shoppers: How Mobile Information Storage Influences Price Knowledge, International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2021 Proceedings Publication
  • Rudolph, T., Steiner, D., & Scheidegger, G. (2021). Dynamisches Preismanagement im Handel: Handlungsempfehlungen für eine faire Preisgestaltung, Marketing Review St.Gallen Publication
  • Herhausen, D., Scheidegger, G., Grewal, D., & Scheidegger, D. (2021). In-Store Inspiration: How to Elicit Impulse Buying in the Shopper Journey, Proceedings of the European Marketing Academy 2021 Publication
  • Scheidegger, G., Linzmajer, M., & Rudolph, T. (2020): Price discount strategies in times of increasing price
    transparency: How price consciousness and price comparison moderate the effect of discount strategy on store priceimage, Die Unternehmung: Swiss journal of business research and practice, 74(4), 384-402. Publication
  • Scheidegger, G., Rudolph, T., Linzmajer, M., & Bischof, S. (2020). Pay Less, Spend More: Consumers' Mental
    Accounting For Discounted Gift Cards, Association for Consumer Research (ACR) Conference 2020 Publication
  • Scheidegger, G., Kleinlercher, K., Linzmajer, M., Rudolph, T., & Barth, E. (2020). The Black Friday Effect: The
    Moderating Impact of Event-Specific Promotions on the Relationship Between Deal Level and Deal Attractiveness, Proceedings of the European Marketing Academy 2020 Publication
  • Rudolph, T., Scheidegger, G., Barth, E., & Linzmajer, M. (2019): The Dose Makes the Poison: Dynamic Pricing
    Strategies and Their Influence on Consumers, Marketing Review St.Gallen Publication
  • Bischof, S., Scheidegger, G., Böttger, T., & Rudolph, T. (2019). Automated Commerce: Consumers' Tolerance for Service Failures in Agency Situations, Theory + Practice in Marketing Conference (TPM) Publication

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