How Marcia Kilgore built her beauty empire

Marcia Kilgore is one of the most successful recent beauty entrepreneurs. Here and at the GDI event "Eternity Now" Kilgore discusses beginner mistakes, sources of inspiration, and how she wants to revolutionise the cosmetics industry with her new company, Beauty Pie.
29 March, 2019 by
Wie Marcia Kilgore ein Beauty-Imperium aufbaute
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Bliss Spa, Soap & Glory, FitFlop, Soaper Duper: the list of companies that Marica Kilgore founded and made successful is long. And the Canadian is not running out of ideas: in 2017 she founded Beauty Pie. The company is to revolutionise the cosmetics industry with a subscription model à la Netflix. Its customers pay an annual fee and receive lipsticks, skin treatments or foundations at a fraction of the retail price. The motto of Kilgore’s success: "The decisions that are best for the customer are always the right ones for business".

In this video Kilgore discusses beginner mistakes, how to set up a successful beauty company and the right time for the exit:

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Wellbeing and Beauty Retail Reimagined

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