Raffaella Sadun: ‘This is a skill that many leaders lack’

Behavioural economist Raffaella Sadun explains in a video how important social skills and the ability to empathise with others are for leadership positions and how this affects the productivity of a company.
4 March, 2022 by
Raffaela Sadun: «Diese Fähigkeit fehlt vielen Führungskräften»
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

‘Being able to trade expertise really matters where knowledge becomes specialised,’ says Raffaella Sadun, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and a speaker at this year’s Academy of Behavioral Economics on 4 May, whose theme is The Power of Perspective-Taking: Tested Tools For a Post-Pandemic World.

The performance of a company depends on the effective combination of expertise. Managers who have great social skills facilitate the exchange of knowledge. ‘Managers are a very specific kind of knowledge worker: they specialise in solving complex problems.’

Watch the video to learn how perspective-taking and social skills are linked to technology, and which trait many leaders lack.

Academy of Behavioral Economics 2022

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