Panel discussion with Robert Kagan and Lord Adair Turner

Are we on the way to a new world order? At the GDI evening event "Robot Capitalism and The Coming World Disorder" the British economist Lord Adair Turner and the political scientist Robert Kagan discussed the influence of robots on the world economy, the strengthening of China and the role of the USA. The panel discussion is now available as a video.
24 January, 2019 by
Podiumsdiskussion mit Robert Kagan und Lord Adair Turner
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

The peaceful period of the 1950s to 70s in Europe and the USA was facilitated by a good economic situation, demographic growth and little immigration. This was stated by the British economist Lord Adair Turner at the GDI event "Robot Capitalism and The Coming World Disorder" on 21 January 2019. The working class was doing well and was therefore willing to support the political structures. This is no longer the case today. The fear of rising migration was decisive for Brexit.

And the elites, GDI CEO Bosshart asked the speakers. Are they willing to continue supporting the welfare state, or will they withdraw? Turner: The culture of the Silicon Valley leads on the one hand to progressive behavior, but on the other to super-individuality. Such a society is dangerous, Turner warned.

See the entire panel discussion in the video.

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