Human recommendation still beats every algorithm

Why is Etsy, this e-commerce site for DIY-products, booming while growth is stagnating the west? Kruti Patel Goyal explains Etsy's recipe for growth and what traditional retailers can learn from it.
1 January, 2010 by
Human recommendation still beats every algorithm
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute
Since its foundation of Etsy, this online marketplace for self-made products has been growing. What can a traditional retailer learn from your recipe for success?

And how does your business model change the world of retail?

Growing user figures vs. higher product prices: What's more important for your business’s growth, quality or quantity?

How can your business grow without reducing the quality of its service?

In brief: What will the participants of our conference hear from you that they won’t get anywhere else?

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