How the "AI Researches" tool makes innovation easier

Today, more than ever, innovation and adaptability are crucial to a company's success. The use of artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in these areas, because AI tools can make day-to-day work much easier. The GDI Innovation Hub is now launching the beta version of a new powerful tool called "AI Researches". It helps users to develop creative ideas, design superior business models and discover relevant start-ups, technologies and innovations.
10 June, 2024 by
How the "AI Researches" tool makes innovation easier
GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

What opportunities can the retail industry expect to see in Europe in the next ten years? This could be a question for the AI-based innovation assistant "CoCreator" in the AI Researches tool. In response, it provides a detailed report. CoCreator can also draw up future scenarios and trend reports, develop ideas and summarise specialist articles. This enables companies to take well-founded decisions and prepare themselves optimally for future developments.

Efficient business model development

With just a small amount of information, AI Researches allows users to generate basic concepts and benchmarks for business models, with details of the value proposition, the target group and the revenue model. It also challenges the models from the position of a radically disruptive competitor. This enables users to speed up their strategic work many times over.

Knowledge management made easy

CoCreator writes articles and assigns them to the appropriate trends and sectors. Users can obtain a summary in their hub with just one click by entering keywords, URLs or documents. This function makes it much easier to organise and access relevant knowledge.

External knowledge from trustworthy sources

The tool also offers personalised reports based on external, trustworthy sources. These AI insights expand users' knowledge and provide structured answers to a wide range of questions. As a result, companies gain access to valuable information that informs their decision-making.


Recognising scenarios and trends

CoCreator creates individual scenarios and trend reports that prepare companies for all eventualities. By analysing keywords, the AI tool can predict both the best- and worst-case scenarios. This enables companies to adapt quickly and efficiently to future challenges.


The CoCreator in the GDI Innovation Hub offers a comprehensive platform for strategic trend and innovation management. Find out what AI Researches can do for you and prepare your company for the future today.


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